Plant Rental

︎Cleaner Air

︎Greener Space

︎Increase Productivity

︎Reduce Stress

The benefits of plants within our living spaces is well researched and proven to be most invaluable. More specifically, having plants in our work spaces aids in restoring our innate desire to connect with our original habitats while revitalizing mental and physical health, boosting creativity, and increasing productivity.

We select plants known for their ability to improve air quality, thereby removing airborn pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced in work spaces. Our goal is to reduce symptoms accompanied with Sick Building Syndrome, such as fatigue, anxiety depression, and lack of concentration. 
Whether it is for a short term convention or long term plant placement, our plant rental system is flexible for our clients needs. Plant Rental services include Horticultural maintenance such as regular watering and change of plants, as well as designing and building plant installations.

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